China Eco-Town Development

China Eco-Town Development

Urban Planning for rural-to-urban migration in China that can enhance both quality of life as well as economies of both areas

China Eco-Town Development is a concept model developed by HCH to address the issue of intensifying rural-to-urban migration in China in an earth-positive manner that synergistically enhances the quality of life in and the economies of both rural and urban areas.


With the population of many developing countries continuing to grow and rural-to-urban migration continuing to intensify, the goal of the Urban-Rural Eco-Town Development (URETD) concept is to establish guidelines for redeveloping rural areas with the aim to go beyond being sustainable, carbon neutral, and zero waste by contributing positively to and enhancing the robustness of existing natural environments in every way possible – in truth, to develop earth-positive communities that also provide economic opportunities to rural residents to stem the tide of urban migration that is overloading urban infrastructure and contributing to the deterioration of both urban and rural communities. 

While URETD’s will be located in less developed areas outside of central urban districts, connections to the urban areas will be established so that the quality of life in and the economies of both can be together enhanced. Towards this end, urban districts will be ideal markets for products from URETD’s and will also serve to enhance the recognition of URETD’s in urban areas. 

In this way, URETD’s present a unique opportunity to create an integrated urban-rural co-development that will establish strong ties between the city and the country- side, enhancing the quality of life in and economies of both. As they develop synergistically, they can together be transformed into models for other cities all over the world to follow.



  1. Organic farming and ranching so that as much of URETD’s food as possible is from local, health- and ecologically-conscious sources.

  2. Establish local manufacturing that is small-scale and specialized and that focuses on producing for the needs of URETD‘s and each of the respective local urban areas.


  1. Create educational facilities within URETD’s for art, culture, farming, ranching, and earth-positive programs, for both URETD residents and visitors.

  2. Establish artists’ communities and cultural facilities in URETD’s so that the area also becomes a cultural attraction.

  3. Create programs about life in URETD’s and based on URETD-focused education and issues for urban visitors of all ages to further create and deepen connections to URETD’s as well as to increase awareness and appreciation for a higher quality of life, food, nature and culture. Visitors can tour URETD farms, ranches, educational institutions, manufacturers, businesses, and other facilities to learn about all of the aspects of URETD’s. 


  1. Develop branded market and retail locations in urban areas that will retail products from URETD’s and promote URETD’s to urban residents.

  2. Create an overall concept for the markets and retail locations in urban areas so that they become a signature feature of each city as centers of culture and living for a new urban lifestyle and destinations for residents and tourists alike.

  3. Incorporate cultural elements such as exhibitions and performances into the markets and retail locations in urban areas.

  4. Create facilities for NGOs to establish social service programs and for URETD’s to develop training programs for vendors and employees of markets and retail locations in urban areas.

  5. Create educational programs, including information and promotion of URETD’s features and attractions, to be presented at markets and retail locations in urban areas as well as at educational institutions, from kindergartens to universities, cultural and government institutions, businesses, and other suitable venues.

  6. Enhance function of markets and retail locations in urban areas as community gathering and resource centers.

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