Ksitigarbha Temple Complex

Ksitigarbha Temple Complex

Emanating the uplifting of the spirit and deep serenity of Buddhist practice through architecture.

The Chongming Island Ksitigarbha Temple Complex is located on a 180 x 80m site on Chongming Island, just to the north of Shanghai. The client's brief asked for a design that would be a departure from the aesthetic of a traditional Chinese temple. It was also requested that, as soon as one steps through the gate of the complex, one will immediately be able to see the statue of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva that resides within the temple.

In addition to the temple itself, the complex includes dining facilities to serve up to 300 visitors at a time, accommodations for visiting devotees, living quarters for 60 nuns, and a memorial hall where prayer rituals for the recently deceased can be held.

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